Physical Therapy

We see a variety of patients in our clinic. Patients present with back or neck pain, Joint injuries, multiple site weakness, gait dysfunction, history of falls, Parkinson's disease with and without dementia, post-surgical repairs, joint replacements, strains and sprains, postural dysfunction, etc. With each patient we perform a comprehensive initial evaluation to identify imbalances in the musculoskeletal system, pain levels, functional deficits, gait deficits, static and dynamic balance, neural involvements, and then develop a plan of action to resolve the appropriate challenges, establishing a personalized plan of care and home exercise program.

Treatments are based on each patient's needs and may encompass modalities, manual therapy, therapeutic activities, therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular re-education, taping, orthotics, or any number of other activities. Treatments are fluid and can change depending on the day to day changes in each patient. Stress on joints and soft tissue is usually due to some sort of imbalance in the body's kinetic chain.  The closer one is to neutral postural balance, the less stress is transferred to the soft tissue and joints of the body.

Patients are asked to verbalize their complaints each day and report any changes in their symptoms and function. Patients also to ask questions on any area of their case which they do not understand. An educated patient always does better in attaining their goals. If a patient knows why they are doing a certain drill or exercise the compliance level for that patient is always increased.

Reports are sent to each patient's physician every 30 days and/or whenever there is a follow up visit with the referring doctor.

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