Sports Rehab

Our practice has always believed that giving back to the community is paramount to the success of our business. One of our major community services is volunteering with our local high school athletic programs by offering free injury screenings, assisting on the sideline during football season and participating in the annual school physicals each spring with other local medical professionals. It is also how I was introduced to the field of physical therapy when I was a high school athlete. I was treated by a local physical therapist who volunteered at my high school. Over the course of therapy, I not only got well but was inspired to go to college and become a physical therapist. When I was heading off to college the therapist told me that when I become a practicing physical therapist, be sure and connect with the local high school and volunteer my services.

We screen student athlectic injuries, communicate with family doctors, and have direct lines of communication with local orthopedic physicians if needed. All we require is the child be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and provide us with an injury form from the coach or trainer at the school.

We also work with our adult athletic population of walkers, joggers, triathletes, bikers, tennis, pickle-ball, and golfers. We perform injury screenings, sport specific rehab, sports enhancement programs, etc.

Our goal with all of our athletes is to return them to activity in the most efficient means, allowing them to resume to their activities with confidence and without pain or risk of re-injury.

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