Wellness and Health

Once physical therapy has been completed, all patients are encouraged to continue with exercises in an independent HEP, in our wellness program or at a gym of their choice. They are given exercise progressions and know they can consult with us about their program if necessary. They are never on their own, the staff watches for proper form, cadence, and resistance levels. Post therapy consultations are offered to each patient at discharge when they enroll in the wellness program to assist the patient in maintaining and improving on gains made during physical therapy.

Our onsite wellness program is for any of our past therapy patients. It is a month to month program, it is voluntary, and it is supervised by our staff. The fitness members have access to professional advice while enrolled in our wellness program from the therapist.

Our patients that do participate regularly in the wellness program have a very low re-injury level and express continued improvement in cardio vascular health, range of motion, strength and overall mobility.

On occasion we will also provide special programs for sports enhancement for golfers, high school athletes and the recreational athletes and advise them on how to increase their specific performance and skill levels.

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