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Welcome to Pasco Rehabilitation

Pasco Rehabilitation was created after years of working in various therapy settings and utilizing those experiences that had a positive impact on patient care. Our purpose in the creation of our clinic was to provide patients with a safe, efficient, and practical way to regain pain-free function and a return to activities that meet or exceeds previous abilities. The primary goal here is to be a true advocate for the health and fitness of our patients. To provide a supportive and community environment that fosters camaraderie, confidence, hope and a sense of caring not found in many institutional practice settings. When you become a patient at Pasco Rehabilitation, we now work for you, not your insurance company, not your doctor but for you. The healthy resolution to your physical challenges are what drives us and what garnishes us the greatest satisfaction a healthcare provider can receive. We look forward to discussing your physical therapy needs and assisting you in developing a personalized plan to get you back to your activities and life. At Pasco Rehabilitation, you are never just a number or a diagnosis, you are a product of your life and in order for you to return to full function and total well-being will require us to see you, the whole you, with all of your unique needs and challenges.

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