Foot Evaluations and Orthotics

Essential in any orthopedic assessment is the foot evaluation. It establishes the patient's quality of base of support. With an imbalance in the base of support patients may find their balance compromised, gait disturbances or pain. This imbalance may cause an increase in knee, hip, back or neck pain or it may just cause a common problem like plantar fasciitis and/or heel spurs. With a proper evaluation of the foot, one can find if they need additional support through the use of orthotics. When a patient has problems with pronation or supination of the foot, it's the sole or arch of the foot dropping or collapsing to the floor with weight bearing. The primary purpose of the orthotic is to raise the floor to the foot so as to support the arch and not have the compromised motion. We use the Aline foot suspension orthotic and foot analyzer to establish the severity of the collapse and to evaluate our corrective measures with a customizable orthotic.

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