About Us

Pasco Rehabilitation is a private physical therapy practice that has been in the East Pasco County Area since 1991. The owners started their outpatient clinic so as to offer patients a choice. A choice to be treated in a patient friendly atmosphere where the needs of the patient out way the needs of corporate stockholders, they have none. A choice to have an individualized program not dictated by time but by what you need, based on evidence. A choice to treat the cause of your problem and teach you how to be well, instead of therapies that treat the symptoms and leave you dependent on continued treatments. A choice to be given a plan to move you towards independence, regaining the strength and function you used to have instead of masking symptoms with pain medications that destroy your liver and kidneys with prolonged use.

The primary goals of Pasco Rehabs's therapy programs are as follows:

  • Establish the core reason for your complaints
  • Explain them to you in plain English
  • Establish an evidence based treatment program and Plan of Care
  • Send evaluation to your Doctor
  • Implement the approved Plan of Care into action
  • Progress you through your problems in a logical step by step process
  •  Have you take responsibility for compliance to the plan of care
  • Learn your home exercises
  • Give reliable feedback to your therapist of changes in symptoms and function in the real world, outside of the Physical therapy environment.
  • Implement a change in lifestyle to ensure you maintain your wellness

If this sounds good to you, please give us a call to set up an appointment to evaluate your conditions and begin your journey back to wellness.

We report your progress to your Physician every 30 days.
A report is also sent whenever you return to your Doctor for a follow up visit.